The 7th Annual Ramadan Iftar (fast-breaking dinner) gathering that I was hosting
at my home, on Saturday evening, October 15, 2005 drew about 30 people, adult
and children, Muslims and non-Muslims, neighbors, friends and colleagues. After
first breaking our fast with dates, hot tea, juice and other sweet delicacies, we
were getting ready with the main meal: 'tumpeng' or yellow rice cone, with all the
delicious dishes, salads and condiments.
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These are some photographs that are taken at Ninie's home during few occasions that she hosts
from time to time. Ninie and her family like to invite different people each time, be they their friends,
colleagues, neighbors and acquaintances. Typically, in a year, Ninie hosts an 'Iftar' (Islamic fast-
breaking dinner) one evening during the month of
Ramadan, "Fulbright Home Hospitality Evening" in
winter or spring, and "Summer Poetry Reading & Story-telling." And she and her family always cherish
the "Open House" occasion when they share with their guests, stories, poetry, songs, music, gifts,
exchange of opinions, and of course, Ninie's  home cooking (      ). Ninie's children - Mohamed,
Ibrahim and Umar - since they were small, have been growing up in a home welcoming and meeting
peoples from different nationalities, cultures, tongues and faith traditions, affirming that, indeed, we
live in a beautiful rainbow of multicultural world.
I was reciting my poems when entertaining my guests at the 8th annual "Fulbright
Home Hospitality Evening" that I hosted on Friday, February 23, 2007. I hosted a
dinner reception in honor of visiting young Fulbright Scholars who were convening
in Washington, DC for their week-long conference. On my immediate right is Sister
Assie Koroma, my good friend, who works for
Human Rights Watch of Washington,
DC. Sister Assie is originally from
Sierra Leone, West Africa; she and I went to perform
'Umrah' in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, in a group together from Washington, DC in
Ramadan/ December 2000. Since then we became good friends. On my far right is Ofir
Hurtado, an anthroplogist originally from
Colombia. (Photo courtesy Rizal Asirdin of
"Fulbright Home Hospitality Evening," Friday, February 23, 2007. Luci Murphy (left),
one of Washington, DC activists and a social observer, is having conversation with
Lilly Widayati Dahlan, a
Hubert Humphrey Scholar from Indonesia. The man in the
middle is Enver Masud, a good friend, who is the Founder and CEO of
The Wisdom Fund  (Photo courtesy Rizal Asirdin of Indonesia).
"Fulbright Home Hospitality Evening," Friday, February 23, 2007. At the end of the
evening, when many guests had left, we, who stayed on, managed to pose for this
last picture together. The 5 young scholars are: the first two from left are Carlos
(Costa Rica) and Valentina (Bulgaria); the 4th and 5th from left are Emmanuel (France)
and Elsa (Germany), while the man on the most right is Augustin (Burkina Faso). The
woman in blue with hijab (headcover) is wearing one of Indonesian fashion of Muslim
women's costume. The young boy beside me is my 3rd and youngest child, Umar, who
turned 11 in March. (Photo courtesy Rizal Asirdin of Indonesia).