-  Translation
-  Interpretation (consecutive, court, on-site, sight, telephonic)
-  Editing, proofreading, linguistic review/consultation
-  Writing, reporting, abstracting, summarizing, transcribing
-  Audio and visual translation
-  Broadcast, narration, voice-over, dubbing, subtitling
-  Reading and transcribing Arabic-Malay (Jawi) documents into Latin alphabets,

-  Language teaching/training/testing, cross-culture training/consultation
-  Book reviewing, poetry reading, story-telling
-  Public relations, consultation about general business & social customs in Southeast Asian


- Advertising & Public Relations
- Agriculture
- Anthropology
- Arts & Humanities
- Banking
- Biography
- Business
- Cosmetics
- Education
- Film
- Health Care
- History
- Hotel Management
- Immigration               
- International Development
- Journalism
- Labor Relations
- Law

Do you sometimes wish that you had an account of your
wedding ceremony when you celebrated your silver anniversary?
Or even golden or diamond anniversary? Not just an album of
fashionable photos, but really pages of a written story of your
wedding? Have you wished that you had a 'story' or 'report'
written when you had had a party celebrating your 40th or 50th
birthday, to illustrate your showing photographs to your
grandchildren or great-grandchildren at the age of 70 or 80?
The narratives that described how beautiful and accomplished
you were then, how many friends and guests were coming to
congratulate you and share with you the occasion?  The laughter
released, the music played and the food served? Or, how solemn
and overwhelming the atmosphere was during your beloved
mother's funeral service? That you could not hold back your
tears, realizing that you would miss her and never see her again!
Or, maybe you simply want a poem or two, written about your
funny toddlers learning how to walk and talk, with his or her pink
cheeks and blue eyes, or pearly teeth and black curly hair?

If your answers to the above questions are 'yes,' then you need a
cultural writer/reporter who will write about and celebrate your
events for your family history and legacy.

As a keen multi-cultural observer and writer, Ninie Syarikin
writes in English fluently and fluidly. With her combined East and
West writing skills, she will produce a memorable account that
you can treat as an oral literature to pass on to your descendants
for many years and generations to come. And they will surely
treasure this memory and your legacy.

Don't let important events and significant phases of your life just
pass you by without any record. Photographs are NEVER
enough; they are only  fragments. A real story shall complement
and compliment them.

So, next time your engagement party takes place or your
extended families are planning a big family reunion, hire Ninie to
write a story of that big day. Or hire her to entertain your young
cousins, small nephews and nieces with poetry reading and
story-telling, while the adult family members are convening for a
more serious matter.

With a wealth of multi-cultural experiences, Ninie, who holds an

MFA in Creative Writing
(terminal degree) from The University of
Tampa, Florida, welcomes the opportunity to write for you.
It's just a call away or a click of an e-mail. It's as simple as that!  
US-SEA STRATEGY, bridging business and communication
between  the  United States of America  and  Southeast Asia

-  English > < Indonesian                    
-  English > < Malay
-  English > < Javanese
-  Arabic - Malay (Jawi) > English

-  English > < Indonesian                    
-  English > < Malay
-  English > < Javanese

English and Indonesian
- Literature & Culture
- Marketing
- Multimedia
- Nutrition
- Philosophy
- Political Science
- Printing & Publishing
- Psychiatry
- Psychology
- Sociology
- Real Estate
- Religion
- Social Sciences
- Telecommunications
- Television & Radio
- Textiles & Fashion
- Transportation
- Travel & Tourism

By using services directly from individual
translators or interpreters, instead of using services
through a language or translation company, you
would certainly cut substantial expenses in your
production. Besides, when emergency occurs, you
will be able to communicate with your service
provider, directly and immediately. So, you
definitely save a lot; time, bureaucracy, and most
importantly, fund.

Ninie has been in the business for a long time. She loves languages
and marvels at their sounds and beauty of what they can heal and
convey to humankind. Consequently, she also has a strong affinity
to literatures and cultures, as well as is in the company of a large
group of fellow linguists, translators and writers, who equally enjoy
what they are doing. Not only that, a substantial part of what she
earns from her work is spent for supporting literary activities and
interfaith/intercultural outreach, in her humble efforts to help
promote a respectful diversity, pluralism and peaceful coexistence.
When you hire Ninie, you make that significant contribution!
So, you count!!

When you decide to hire Ninie as your writer,
translator, interpreter, language trainer or cultural
consultant, out of her character, integrity and
professionalism, she completely understands the
importance and sensitivity of the documents and
tasks that you entrust to her. She appreciates and
values your confidence and trust. Ninie gives only
the best of her qualification, commitment and
performance. Therefore, rest assured that your
documents and assignments are in safe hands.
Her philosophy is clear:
"Earning my living by gaining your trust!"  

Hi, Ninie,

Thank you for the detailed response.  
You have answered my question very thoroughly.

I will certainly keep you in mind for the next time.  
I appreciate your responsiveness, and it's been a pleasure
working with you.

Tristan Translations
Burlingame, CA 94010


Thank you so much, Ninie.  Your translation looks
perfect, well done.  Look forward to receiving the two
original Certificates of Accuracy for the client.
I hope we get to work together again soon.

Orlando, Florida 32803


Hi, Ninie.

I did receive your email and the file attached.
Thank you so much for all your hard work in this job.  
It's greatly appreciated.

Newtype, Inc.
Randolph, New Jersey 07869

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Astrid (An individual customer)
Dayton, Ohio 45401

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then translating them into English
Islamic countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei Darussalam, as well as the Muslim
communities in Singapore, southern Thailand, southern Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia
and East Timor)