workshops, symposia and conferences, to improve her skills and to keep abreast in the developments
of various subjects. She is supported by her own large collections of references, such as dictionaries,
thesauri, encyclopedias, books, journals, etc. and in the company of an extensive network of writers,
translators/interpreters and other language professionals as well as culture/literature enthusiasts.
Ninie has a BA in English & Translation from
Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia and holds an
MFA in Creative Writing (terminal degree) from The University of Tampa, Florida. In addition,
Ninie had also attended the
American Studies Department of The George Washington University
in Washington, DC under Fulbright Scholarship.

For Ninie Syarikin's resume and profile, please click
here, while request of references and work
samples are welcome by emailing:
 info  at  usseastrategy  dot  com or, alternatively, as a back up,
ngsyarikin  at  ncis  dot  org. Kindly take notice that those emails are deliberately coded in order to
avoid spam. Replace "at" with "@", and "dot" with "." Thank you.

US-SEA Strategy provides translation, interpretation, writing, editing, proofreading, language teaching/training/testing
and cross-culture training/consulting services, as well as other language-, literature- and culture-related services.
The working languages are  English, Indonesian, Malay, Javanese and Arabic-Malay (Jawi). Ninie has managed
her business professionally in the United States since 1996.


To be a most trustworthy linguist and cultural consultant in providing language services, suggestions and advise to
whoever seeks them; be they individuals, professionals, companies, educational institutions, think tanks and other community
entities in the United States, in regard to their business operations in
Southeast Asia (where Indonesian and Malay languages
are spoken), and in any related-matters between the region and the United States of America.


- To be a cultural bridge, through language and literature, between the Southeast Asian Islamic countries
(Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei Darussalam, as well as the Muslim communities in Singapore,
southern Thailand, southern Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia) and the United States of America.

- To be a cultural bridge, through language and literature, between the East and the West.

- To be a cultural ambassador, through language and literature, as well as interfaith/intercultural programs,
between people of Islamic religion and people of other faith traditions in the world.

- To be a cultural ambassador, through language and literature, as well as interfaith/intercultural programs,
to help promote a respectful diversity, pluralism and peaceful coexistence, in the United States of America.


Bridging business and communication between the United States of America and Southeast Asia!


US-SEA Strategy is located in the City of Houghton at the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Houghton is the home of
Michigan Technological University, a primarily engineering educational institution, owing to its past major copper mining industry.
But MTU also has its strong
Humanities and Social Sciences Departments. Across the Portage Lake Lift Bridge is the City of
Hancock, the home of Finlandia University, a legacy of the large and generations of Finnish American community. The twin cities
of Houghton and Hancock are situated at the
Keweenaw Peninsula, the northernmost part of Michigan's Upper Peninsula,
surrounded by
Lake Superior, one of the Great Lakes, bordering with Canada. This area is also called Copper Country.

In winter, this region becomes a snow country, that makes the landscape look as if being poured by milk, an endless inspiration to
a poet. To complement it, the ski lovers can enjoy the
Mont Ripley, and the other snow lovers may delight in snowshoeing,
snowmobiling, snowbiking, snowboarding and ice fishing, when Lake Superior is frozen. In summer, with the very long 16 hours
daylight, the scenery is very pretty with the terraced terrain, complimented by the nice cool weather without needing AC in houses.
Both residents and visitors enjoy boating, kayaking, hiking, biking, and walking along the Portage Lake Canal, which separates
Houghton and Hancock. Some nights in the fall, if you are patient and willing to wait outdoor as the darkness descends, you may be
treated by the spectacular
Northern Lights over the lake, without having to travel to Norway or Finland. While the intellectually
curious residents are served by the
Van Pelt and Opie Library and the Portage Lake District Library, the business community here is
served by the
Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce.

Two hours' drive from Houghton is the
City of Marquette, the largest city in the Upper Peninsula, home of the Northern Michigan
University. On the northeastern end of the Peninsula, about five hours' drive from Houghton, sits the city of Sault Ste Marie,
which is divided by the
St. Marys River and connected by the Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge with its twin city of
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada.

The Michigan's Upper Peninsula is served by land by
Indian Trails, a comfortable bus network, and by air by Houghton County
Memorial Airport (CMX) serving Houghton and Hancock, and Sawyer International Airport (MQT) serving Marquette and
the surrounding areas. Besides, there are few other local airports in the region, depending on where one wants to go.
So, yes, come visit us!

Map of Michigan and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula


Ninie G. Syarikin works as a full time independent writer,
professional translator/interpreter,  editor/proofreader, researcher,
book reviewer and language educator. She translates and interprets
from English into Indonesian and Malay languages, and vice versa.
On occasions, she would also receive Javanese and Arabic Malay
(Jawi) translation projects. Ninie acquired Javanese language when
she was living and studying in Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia
for 10 years; and she studied Arabic Malay or Bahasa Arab- Melayu
in High School, which she has kept alive over the years, by
continuing to read books and other literatures in that language
fashion. Besides, she also travels to the Southeast Asia region

Ninie is very keen to attend discussions, lectures, seminars,
About Us

At the earlier part of her career, upon graduation from English Department of Gadjah Mada University, Ninie taught at the English
Department of the
University of North Sumatra in Medan, Indonesia for nine years as a young lecturer, including the time when she
majored in American Studies with emphasis on American literature at
The George Washington University, Washington, DC. When
she came to the United States for the second time, for 22 years, from August 25, 1993 through July 25, 2015, Ninie worked as a
broadcast journalist at the
USAGM's Voice of America, at the Indonesian Service in the nation's capital. As soon as she became
eligible to retire, she
retired and went back to graduate school to study creative writing at The University of Tampa, Florida. Now,
she works independently and directly with clients, putting all of her skills and ample experiences to produce the best work. As a
writer, translator/interpreter and researcher, Ninie - a member of  
Society of Professional Journalists and a graduate of the 2017 Ted
Scripps Leadership Institutes - writes, translates/interprets and interviews a wide range of subjects as well as travels quite
extensively. Joyfully, she has many repeat clients and she, too, hopes to work with you. Ninie welcomes query, possible
collaboration and correspondence at
info  at  usseastrategy  dot  com. Alternatively, as a back up, she can also be reached at
ngsyarikin  at  ncis  dot  org.
US-SEA STRATEGY, bridging business and communication
between  the  United States of America  and  Southeast Asia